Types of Dentures



THERE ARE SEVERAL DIFFERENT TYPES OF DENTURES. Only your dental professional can tell you which is right for you. No matter what type of denture you get, remember that Super Poligrip® Denture Adhesives and Polident® Denture Cleansers can help you embrace life with dentures. 

Full dentures, upper and lower dentures

With proper care and maintenance, your denture can last anywhere from 5-10 years. Use Super Poligrip® and Polident® products to care for  your dentures every day to keep them fresh and in place. With cleaner, fresher dentures that stay in place all day, you can get close to the ones you love and enjoy the foods you crave. Savor every single bite life has to offer!

Partial dentures

These are recommended when some (just one or more) natural teeth need replacing. They also help maintain the alignment of your remaining teeth and keep them from shifting.

Can I get fixed dentures?

When your dentist first advises that you might need to replace missing teeth, you will probably be presented with several options that vary in price, and in difficulty of procedure. Your options may include replacements for missing teeth that are fixed surgically, bridges, implants, overdentures, or possibly removable dentures. Compared to implants and bridges, removable dentures are lower in cost.

You should discuss your options with your dentist before deciding on the one that’s right for you. 

Fixed bridge

A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth on each side of the false tooth by cementing them.


A dental implant is a metallic root-like device used to support restorations of a single tooth or group of teeth. They’re surgically placed within bone, and over time will fuse with the bone for a natural fit. The root implant is ‘loaded’ with a prosthetic such as a crown or bridge – while some implants can be loaded immediately after placement, others may need to be done six months after the implant is placed.

Implant-supported fixed dentures

An implant-supported fixed denture may be an alternative option. A bridge, which has replacement teeth attached to it, is secured to implants that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. The bridge is fixed in place by screws, but it can still be removed if required.

Implant-supported removable dentures

In this case, implants in the jaw are used to attach to and support an overdenture. It has special attachments embedded into the acrylic that may fit onto the attachments on the implants. In other words, the denture is removable but using implants in this way enhances the retention and stability of the denture.