Live Loud


Our products are designed to help you live and enjoy your life again. Knowing your dentures are clean and cared for means you can really Live Loud.

Living With Dentures

Although adjusting to life with dentures can present its challenges, think about all the things you can do with your new teeth: eating the foods you love, laughing hard, getting close with the ones you love…you’ll be able to Live Loud again.

With daily use of Super Poligrip® Adhesives and Polident® Denture Cleansers, you can help to maintain your oral health. 

Indulge in all your favorite foods – just like before

Whether it’s taking a bite out of corn on the cob or a drumstick, everyone has foods that they love. But because food particles can get under your denture and cause irritation, it can spoil your enjoyment of them. Super Poligrip® is clinically proven to seal out more food particles vs. using no adhesive.

It’s not just what you eat; it’s how you eat it

How to Eat 1

Try to balance food evenly in your mouth when you chew, so your dentures stay secure when you’re eating. 

How to Eat 2

Chew slowly and try not to bite down with your front teeth.

How to Eat 3

Hot food will take a bit of getting used to as your mouth won’t be able to sense heat as it did before.

Recipes that are good for your new dentures and great for your taste buds too

Cheesy Eggs | Potato Salad