How to avoid bad breath with dentures


Just like with your natural teeth, plaque and tartar can build on your dentures (also known as false teeth), and this can lead to bad breath. There are some steps you can take, however, to ensure you have a clean, fresh mouth and feel confident to get on with your day.

What may cause bad breath while wearing dentures?

After eating, bits of food may become lodged underneath your dentures and can be the root of any potential bad breath. The plaque caused by the lingering food can form a layer around your dentures, creating an unpleasant smell. Failing to clean your dentures every day can also cause bad breath due to a build-up of bacteria, as can wearing your dentures all the time.

How can you avoid bad breath while wearing dentures?

Use a denture adhesive: Using a denture adhesive can help prevent food from getting trapped underneath your dentures by creating a seal between your gums and dentures. This can allow you to enjoy your meals, and reduce the chance of bad breath occurring.

Clean them regularly: You should clean your dentures every day to remove food and plaque to help keep them fresh and leave you feeling confident when speaking to your friends and family. There are three simple steps you can follow to help you smile with confidence – soak, brush and rinse.  The best way to clean dentures is to give them a deep clean by soaking them in a special denture cleanser tablet, such as Polident. The cleanser tablets will also kill 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria* - for the best results be sure to closely follow the instructions as directed on the pack.

*in laboratory tests

Next you should brush any remaining debris from your dentures using a soft-bristle denture toothbrush. Once soaked and brushed, you should then rinse your dentures thoroughly under running water.

Take your dentures out at night: You should remove your dentures before you sleep to stop any bacteria from forming and growing overnight – taking your dentures out at night will also give your mouth and gums a well-earned rest.

Keeping your dentures clean and fresh can reduce the likelihood of bad breath, but can also leave you feeling confident in social situations. Your dentist is on hand to offer you more advice on your denture cleaning routine.