Looking after your dentures


Dentures are made of different materials to your natural teeth, so it is important to give them special care to keep them clean, fresh and comfortable. This can make a world of difference to your confidence and enjoyment.

  • How to store dentures

    Read tips on how to properly store your dentures to keep them looking their best on the Polident website.
  • How to clean dentures

    Read our denture cleaning tips on how to keep your dentures looking great and your mouth feeling fresh on the Polident website.
  • How to avoid bad breath with dentures

    Find out how to help prevent bacteria build up on your dentures and ensure they stay fresh with Polident
  • How can I repair my denture?

    Find out what to do if your dentures need repairing or replacing, and read our top tips to keep your dentures in good condition with Polident.
  • How long do dentures last?

    Find out more about how our Polident products can help you maintain your dentures for a longer life.
  • Can I damage my natural teeth?

    Find out how Polident products can help you care for both partial and complete dentures.

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