Dentures, overbite and underbite?


If your dentures don’t close together properly when you bite, it could cause discomfort, but your dentist or dental professional can help you overcome any issues, ensuring you have the perfect fit so you can eat and speak comfortably.

Wearing dentures can help restore your confidence, so it’s worth speaking with your dentist or dental professional to find out how you can try to get the right fit for you.

How can dentures cause an overbite or underbite?

The natural alignment of your jaw may mean that you have a slight overbite or underbite – most of us do. Having a denture overbite/underbite means that your new teeth don’t quite line up from the back to the front when your mouth is closed, and this can mean your jaw doesn’t sit comfortably when closed, which can cause discomfort when eating or talking.

Dentists tend to monitor patients’ overbite over time to ensure there are no issues with natural teeth, and the same applies to dentures. If over time you find it more difficult to bite together comfortably, it could be that your dentures aren’t quite the right fit anymore – in this case it’s worth making an appointment with your dentist.

The two of you can work together to find out just what’s causing the issue – if you are developing an overbite or an underbite as the result of the denture fit becoming less comfortable over time, your dentist can make simple adjustments to the denture to help.

You’ll soon be back to enjoying your life the way you should.