I wish I'd actually known if there's any other options. This is where they'd turn around and said you have to have It done. I could have had it done in 2 stages, I found out afterwards. So I could have had the top done and then the bottom. Which again, if they'd told me that before, I would have opted to get the top done and then gone back for the bottom, because it was have just made it easier getting used to one set, and then the second set. I'd also have liked to known a bit more about the recovery and the time frame before I had to have it done on how long it's going to take for the gums to fully recede because that was never really known. It was always just down to me to go and tell them, it's feeling loose. They'd have a look and say oh give it another few weeks. I'd give it another few weeks and go back and then they'll do the next set.