From the day of fitting your new dentures, you have to prepare your mind as well as your body. It's a major, major day in your life. You're worried, you're concerned, you'll think will my face change, will I speak different? But you put that aside - if your dentures have been made correct, they will fit you, but there will be some discomfort for a matter of days, because your mouth has to get used to the dentures. And getting a new pair of dentures is possibly, liken it to having a new pair of shoes which are quite tight, and you think well, you don't stop wearing your shoes because you know that eventually they'll fit perfectly, and I think that's the same attitude to have towards new dentures. Following on from that, what I would say is, persevere, stick at it, make sure you keep your mouth scrupulously clean, and grin and bear it. Because after all, dentures today are far and beyond better than they've ever been, and a good dental technician will make you a pair of dentures or a single denture which in some cases will be pretty hard to indentify. Don't have any worries about what will people say, because I think at the end of the day that is some fear, that we think, what will people do what will I look like? You will not look that much different; there might be a little swelling of the face, because your teeth are new, but your face and mouth adapts to your teeth, and that's all I can say. Don't worry.