When it came to telling friends, I did say it gradually, always with a bit of humour, and sometimes as a result from receiving a compliment about my teeth. If somebody said to me, Oh you've got lovely teeth, I'd feel that I'd have to 'fess up and let them know that I couldn't take any of the credit for it, because they were all plastic. With the wider world, I think I've taken different approaches at different times. On the one hand, I thought well why should I tell people, and why would they even want to know, but on the other hand, I feel that I'd like to do anything I can to normalise wearing dentures, particularly for younger people. It must be hard for someone who hasn't got a strong body image to start with, and particularly I think for young guys, we women are used to being ritually humiliated when we're having children and so on - once you've been through all that having a denture is nothing. But I think young men are much more self-conscious about stuff like that and not nearly as good at talking about it. One of the strangest reactions actually, was one of my friends, when I told her about it, this look of utter relief came over her face, and she said Oh, thank God, and I said why, and it turned out she had gum disease, and she was terrified at the idea of losing her front teeth, and being the only person in the whole world in her 40s who had to wear a denture. of course that's not true, there are loads of us, and it was really comforting for her to know that she'd got a friend who'd already been through all that.