Towards the fitting, I was nervous, I was excited as well to a degree to find out what was going to happen. I was uncertain to exactly how the future would be once they were in, but after the fitting, most of my feelings were entirely unfounded. It's like, I suppose having a brace when you're younger, there's a slight, how can I describe it, there's a slight knowledge I think that your mouth has been fiddled with I suppose for want of a better word, initially, and then after a couple of hours it just goes and the most amazing thing is you can go and eat, almost eat normally, crunch into apples, and not worry - and of course, in addition to the functionality of the teeth, they look good, and life becomes better you're not afraid to smile or hide behind your hands, so you will go through a range of emotions, and they will change a little bit, but fear or anxiety is understandable, but I don't think they should necessarily stop you,