My family and friends were extremely supportive in the run up of me going to get my denture fitted. I was extremely nervous about it all, I imagined I would be the youngest person in the waiting room, that there would be mostly senior citizens, elderly people because that’s what you associate dentures with. I was actually pleasantly surprised because when I actually went into the dentist, it was on a day where they were taking lots of measurements for plates, there was such a cross-section of ages, it was quite unbelievable, there were people who were younger than me, there were people that were older than me. Very very varied. I took my mum with me because she has had dentures for quite a long time and she assured me that there is nothing wrong, that there is no shame in it, she sort of held me hand a bit. I was a bit nervous when I came out, I just thought that everybody would know that I had a plate in, but as it so happens, no one even mentioned it. The family that I did tell, when I actually saw them afterwards they said to me: ‘are you going to have the plate fitted now?’ and I said: ‘Actually I’ve got it in.’