The challenge around my favourite foods, I find it with things like rice at the beginning. Mince, burgers. Things like that. They would really get stuck down the side of my plate and it became very uncomfortable, and if you're out for a night, for an evening meal, you'll be there all night [demonstrates with mouth] doing this, which always made you uncomfortable, are people are wondering why you're doing this. After a few months, when I started using the sealant, that actually sealed out the food. and it was more easier to be able to eat, chewing things like a chewing gum or a chewy sweet. When I didn't have the sealant, what I found is that it would actually be sometimes stick together, and pull them apart. A bit like what you see in a film, you know when someone's teeth fall out. But with the sealant, it really helped keep it in. And that is something that really helped me build up my confidence.