She had a lot of anxieties, and a lot of worries, and a lot of concerns. So whilst we were sitting in the waiting room, we both sort of went over all these things, and I sat and I tried to encourage my mother that it would not be noticeable, and I'm sure people wouldn't say a change, because dentures these days are made really good, as I've experienced a lot of people in our family wearing dentures, and everyone seems happy once the dentures settle in. We sat and talked about them getting fitted, which I thought this would be a good idea to try and give her some confidence and boost her self esteem. This process would be great, for instance I said to her, I think the outcome will be amazing, and I assured her she would manage, she would be able to manage, as I said before I've had experience of other people in the family wearing dentures and once they settle in, most people do deal with them and manage them. So this is the type of thing we both talked about while waiting to go and see the dentist. Thank you.