When I went for the first fitting, the dentist put it in my mouth, and it felt horrible. It felt as if my mouth was full of plastic, that I'd never be able to speak clearly, that I'd have difficulty eating, that everybody would just know I was getting a denture, that I was really worried about, really self conscious about, but that phase didn't last too long, the dentist encouraged me to start talking straight away. I realised that although my speech was a little bit altered, I think I had a bit of a lisp, it wasn't the end of the world, you could understand what I was saying, and I realised that I was going to be able to get round it fairly quickly. When he first fitted it, it was very tight as well, actually quite painful, when he first slotted it into my mouth I was quite keen to get rid of it, but he explained that it has to be tight to start with. If it's going to fit properly, the idea is that they make it very tight, and adjust it with an adjuster until it's just right. That took longer than I expected actually, I had to go back 4 or 5 times until it was absolutely perfect, but it was worth persevering with it because then I got something that will stay in, it doesn't need that gummy stuff to glue it to your mouth, but it's not uncomfortable either. My emotional reaction - well, to begin with it was partially regret that there was no way back from that point. But that was just completely overwhelmed by the relief, I'd had toothache for 20 odd years, which nobody believed me about, and it took me a long long time to persuade the dentist to take my teeth out because I was relatively young. But I knew that I was never going to have to put up with that again, and that felt absolutely wonderful.