Hello when I was first told I needed dentures, I was really nervous and really worried. But I did trust my dentist and I did took on board all the advice he'd given me. So, he actually printed off a sheet of helpful tips and advice and I read through it and I googled a lot of the information. So going from a nervous patient, I actually was quite confident. He went through a step by step guide, said exactly what would happen, the process, how it would affect me, how I would feel, all the different things would happen. Just as he said it, the different things happened. And I actually was really confident because I knew I could trust what my dentist was telling me. So from first diagnosis I felt really nervous, but as the steps went along, I felt a lot better, I felt more confident, and when it came to fitting day I wasn't nervous at all. And my dentist was so so helpful, and everything he said to me came true and it was really good. So I would take the advice of your dentist. Don't worry too much, they know best and they're going to the best for you. And afterwards you feel absolutely wonderful and marvellous. I just feel great now, and I've got so much confidence and I'm glad that I took that step and went forward with it and it's the best thing I did really. So don't delay. Go ahead if you're diagnosed with needing dentures fitted, go ahead, go for it and do it. You will feel so much better afterwards. Bye!