From food particle build-up to difficulty chewing and speaking, the right denture adhesive can help provide a solution to a range of common denture problems.

Life with dentures is different for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll find that being free to eat, laugh, smile and speak with confidence can feel like a whole new lease of life. Yet there are also some common issues you may initially experience as either a full or partial denture wearer.

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The good news is: a) you are not alone in going through them; and b) a simple solution like the right denture adhesive may often help you manage these problems. Here’s a quick look at four common denture issues followed by details of how a secure denture adhesive like Poligrip Max Seal could help.


When food particles become trapped in between your dentures and your gums, it can cause irritation and soreness. It may even make you nervous about smiling, laughing or speaking.


You may experience some discomfort or displacement of your dentures when eating, especially when first getting used to them and/or when consuming tough or chewy foods. Sometimes, this will improve as you become more accustomed to wearing them and as any initial swelling in your mouth reduces. In other cases, further action will be required in consultation with your dentist.


This can occur due to shrinking of the jaws over time, a perfectly natural process that happens following tooth loss/extraction. Smaller jaws mean a smaller surface for your dentures to attach to, which may make them more prone to move or slip during common actions like eating and speaking. Consult your dentist for advice regarding denture slippage/wobble.


Dentures can turn conversation from a pleasure into a pain – whether it’s due to problems forming certain sounds or words, discomfort or concerns about your dentures slipping out of place. You can find more information and advice about speaking clearly and confidently with dentures here.


Poligrip Max Seal is one of our strongest denture adhesives. Here’s how it works:

  • It forms a superior seal* that delivers 36% more surface coverage.** It also helps block out irritating or uncomfortable food particles that can get stuck between your dentures and your gums. This lets you return to enjoying your favourite foods. 
  • It holds dentures in place for up to 12 hours, leaving you free to get on with life safe in the knowledge they will stay right where they are supposed to be. 
  • This improved denture retention and stability helps increase bite force by up to 38%.***
  • The new, precision nozzle delivers a narrower stream of adhesive and allows for a more precise application related to the shape and size of your denture. The finer tip also helps you apply the right amount.

Whether you’re a current denture adhesive user or not, switching to Poligrip Max Seal could prove to be the first step in managing your denture frustrations. From helping to avoid food particles getting trapped under your denture to reducing denture slippage, Poligrip Max Seal is designed to help put the enjoyment and comfort back into everyday actions like chewing, speaking and laughing all over again.

* Based on surface coverage, vs standard Poligrip in laboratory test
** On upper denture when compared with standard Poligrip/ Polident/ Corega in laboratory test.
*** Compared to no denture adhesive after 1 hour