Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence

We want to help you live a carefree life with dentures, enjoy your favourite foods, laugh out loud and get close to your loved ones. It’s what we do.

About Poligrip

Poligrip offers denture care products formulated to improve the comfort and oral health of people who wear dentures or partials.

Poligrip’s range of denture adhesives are designed to provide a firm fit of your dentures by improving hold and comfort and gives you the confidence and reassurance to live freely.

Our low-abraisive denture cleansers are formulated specifically to keep your dentures clean and fresh, and maintain oral hygiene every day.

About the site

The Poligrip website is a resource designed for people who wear dentures or partials, people looking to learn and share experiences about dentures and to provide useful advice and support to friends and relatives of people who wear dentures. It helps to talk through your thoughts and concerns, and we want to offer you that support network.

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