Polident For Partials product

Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes

  • Cleans and refreshes your denture anytime, anywhere.
  • Instantly wipes away trapped food and odour-causing bacteria.
  • Helps remove harmful germs that can lead to gum irritation.
  • Unique portable format with no water needed.
  • Tear resistant material with refreshing double mint essence.
  • Suitable for everyday use with full and partial dentures as well as mouth guards and retainers.

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Polident Clean & Refresh denture wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean and refresh your denture daily, anytime, anywhere – without the need for water.
The wipes contain a special blend of cleansing molecules that work to remove trapped food, odour-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms. Each wipe is made of a tear resistant material that’s pre-moistened with refreshing double mint essence, so they won’t leave scratches on your denture’s surface.
Polident Clean & Refresh denture wipes come in a discreet, portable pouch that dispenses one wipe at a time, meaning you can take them with you in a purse or pocket for easy use on the go. So, whether you’re out for a meal, commuting to work or simply going about your daily life, with Polident Clean & Refresh denture wipes you can feel confident that both you and your denture look and feel the best.