Polident Denture Wipes

Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Cleaning Wipes

  • quick and simple way to refresh your denture
  • instantly wipe away trapped food and odour-causing bacteria
  • a refreshing double mint essence keeps your dentures or retainers fresh

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What are denture wipes?

Polident Clean & Refresh denture cleaning wipes are a quick and convenient way to daily refresh your partial denture, full denture or retainer. The wipes can be used anytime, without the need for water. They are very convenient to use after a meal, before a meeting or going out.

How to use denture wipes?

Use wipes anytime you need to clean or freshen your dentures quickly and easily, with no need for water. Use wipes in addition to Polident denture cleanser tablets.

  1. Remove denture from the mouth.
  2. Wipe away food particles and odour causing bacteria with just one wipe.
  3. Enjoy the instant feeling of a clean & fresh denture.

How do denture wipes work?

The denture wipes contain a special combination of cleansing molecules that remove trapped food, odour-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms, keeping your denture fresh and clean. Each wipe is made of a tear resistant material and is pre- moisturized with a refreshing double mint essence that keeps your denture and retainer fresh while protecting from surface scratches during cleaning. Polident Clean & Refresh Wipes are specially designed for full or partial dentures, retainers, mouth guards and night guards.