How to quickly clean and freshen dentures

Woman and man up close to each other
Woman and man up close to each other

It’s a common problem throughout the day: you’re having a meal with friends, enjoying your lunch break or stopping for an afternoon snack and food gets caught in or under your dentures. So, how do you clean your dentures?

It’s an old problem with a quick and easy solution: Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes.

In the past, all you could do to try to solve this irritating problem was head to the bathroom to rinse and clean your denture under the tap. While this might remove surface debris, it’s a bit of a pain: you might not have an easy access to water.

There is a quick alternative that will help make your life so much easier. Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes offer a super-fast, super-fresh and super-convenient way to clean your dentures and freshen them up too – without needing water.

How do I keep my dentures clean and fresh with denture wipes?

There are so many times during the day when you might wonder ‘How do I clean my dentures?’ Before a big meeting, after your morning coffee, when you’ve enjoyed a meal or a snack, when you want to freshen up before a date. Or if you just want to feel confident that your mouth is clean and fresh.

Denture wipes are a simple solution that mean you don’t have to wait to clean your dentures. They give you the freedom to wipe away trapped food, odour-causing bacteria and germs without the need for water.

You can pop the portable, discreet, resealable pack in your pocket, handbag or briefcase. Each wipe has a fresh, minty aroma and is designed to instantly wipe away food debris and bacteria, to help give you that extra boost of confidence to fit in with your day.

You can use Polident Clean & Refresh Wipes any time you need to quickly refresh your dentures. Always remember to also use Polident denture cleanser tablets, to make sure you thoroughly clean your dentures every day.