How to get a fresh, clean boost whenever you need it

Woman and man up close to each other
Woman and man up close to each other

In the past when you were out and about and needed to refresh and clean your dentures, the best you could do was to give them a rinse under the tap. While this will wash off bits of food and other debris from the surface of your dentures, you can’t always get to a sink or find somewhere private to clean your dentures. Water alone wont leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Now there’s a new solution. Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes are robust, tear resistant, moist wipes enriched with a refreshing double-mint essence. They offer a quick, convenient way to help remove food, bacteria and germs to leave dentures clean and fresh whether you’re on the go or at home. They work on partial dentures and full dentures as well as other removable oral appliances, such as mouth guards and retainers too.

How to clean dentures to get a refreshing boost on the go

Thanks to the smart, resealable portable pack you can use them anytime, anywhere on any type of denture, with no need to use any water. Here are five ways that new Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes may help give you that extra clean and refreshing confidence boost during the day:

  • After breakfast – You’ve just finished your breakfast and there are bits of food stuck under your dentures. Annoying isn’t it? But as you’re rushing out of the door to start your busy day there’s no time for cleaning dentures. Now you can simply wipe away any bits of food on the go and be ready to face the day.
  • Travelling – When you’re travelling for work or pleasure, perhaps taking the train or a flight, your dentures may begin to feel dirty or uncomfortable and it can be hard to clean them on the go. Simply carry Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes. The portable pack can slip into your pocket, handbag or carry on luggage so you can clean and refresh your dentures on the move, without the need to get to a tap or a sink.
  • Eating out – If you are out for dinner with friends and family, or at a work lunch, denture wipes offer a discreet, quick and convenient way to instantly clean and refresh your dentures or removable appliances such as mouthguards or sportsguards. Now you can enjoy your meal without worrying about the potential discomfort of trapped food or dirty dentures.
  • On a night out – The last thing you want to worry about when you’re on a night out with friends – or on a date – is your dentures feeling dirty. Wipe away any debris and give your dentures an instant refresh with Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes, leaving you free to have a great evening.
  • Before an important meeting – If you have to impress clients, or get up and speak to a room full of guests at a party or wedding, you want to feel at your best. Giving your dentures a once over with a denture wipe to clean away any trapped food and refresh your mouth could help you feel positive and poised before your big moment.

Keep up your daily denture cleaning routine too

Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes are a great way to clean partial or full dentures, retainers or mouth guards on the go. But if you wear dentures remember to also give them a deep clean every day with Polident Cleanser tablets.