Denture Wipes: a quick and easy way to freshen and clean dentures

Woman and man up close to each other
Woman and man up close to each other

If you ever wonder ‘do dentures need cleaning’? Then the answer is yes, keeping your dentures clean is very important. Cleaning dentures is essential to keep them in the best possible condition, it also helps to make them comfortable to wear and keeps your mouth feeling fresh.

As you enjoy meals and snacks food particles may get trapped under your dentures. At the same time, just like your natural teeth, harmful bacteria can continually build up on your dentures while they’re in your mouth, which can make them feel dirty.

Caring for your dentures is as important as caring for natural teeth. Dentures need cleaning daily, and because they are different from natural teeth, they require denture cleaning products.


A daily cleaning routine is the best way to remove food and bacteria from your dentures, keep them in the best possible condition and maintain good oral hygiene. The Polident range of low-abrasive cleansers are formulated to keep your dentures clean and fresh, helping you to maintain good oral hygiene every day.

Polident denture cleansing tablets are designed to deep clean dentures, killing 99.9% of odour causing bacteria* and helping to remove stains to restore dentures to their original colour.** But what about all those times during the day when you are out and about, or just want to give your dentures a quick clean and freshen up?

Before wipes, if you wanted to give your dentures a quick clean on the go or at home, all you could do was rinse them under the tap. This may be a bit of a nuisance, as you have to get up and go to the bathroom to clean your dentures. It’s also not that effective as water can only rinse off surface debris and won’t remove bacteria. What’s more, sometimes you can’t get to a tap to clean your dentures, which means you have to put up with feeling uncomfortable until you can get to a sink or somewhere private where you can rinse your dentures.


Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes offer a different way to clean and refresh your dentures, anytime, anywhere, without the need for water. Each wipe has a fresh, minty aroma and is designed to instantly wipe away food debris and odour-causing bacteria to leave your dentures feeling clean and fresh.

The wipes are discreet, quick and convenient to use – simply remove your denture, wipe until it’s clean and reinsert. They are made from a specially developed material, which is robust enough to resist tearing, but gentle enough to clean dentures without scratching them.

Thanks to the portable, resealable pack design that dispenses one wipe at a time they offer a simple, effective way to give your denture a quick top up clean, and are designed to work alongside Polident Cleanser tablets.

The wipes can also be used on retainers, mouth guards, sports guards, and night guards to help leave them fresh and clean. Remember to check with your dentist to gain advice specific to your oral appliance.


Polident Clean & Refresh Denture Wipes help you stop worrying about how to clean your dentures throughout the day. This quick and convenient solution means that even if you have no water on hand, you can clean your dentures, leaving them minty fresh to give you the confidence to get on with enjoying your day.


* In laboratory test
** When used as directed