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Chatterbox offers everything you need to know about dentures, Our youtube channel has videos made by REAL denture wearers, talking about their life with dentures. Get tips and advice from real denture wearers and start enjoying life with dentures.

Supporting family and friends

Getting and living with dentures can be a stressful change, therefore it is very important to get support from family and friends. Click here to see how other people supported their friends and family with their denture experience.

Getting Dentures

If you’re getting dentures, or have them already, you might be worried about the impact they’ll have on your life. Click here to see other denture wearers experiences about getting dentures.

Living with Dentures

The thought of living with dentures can be worrying, and can lead to inhibitions. Click here to see other denture wearers experiences about living with dentures.

Caring for Dentures

Caring for your dentures is as important as caring for natural teeth. Proper care can prevent discomfort and help ensure your dentures last their lifetime. Dentures need cleaning daily, and because they are different from natural teeth, they require specialist cleaning. Click here to see tips from both a professional and denture wearers on caring for your dentures.