Dentures for people of all ages


Having dentures (also known as false teeth) fitted can breathe new life into your smile and make you feel more confident. And they are not just for older people – anyone of any age can have dentures fitted whether for medical purposes, after an accident or for any other reason.

Moving forward confidently

Made to look as natural as possible, no-one should be able to notice that you are wearing dentures – complete or partial – unless you want them to. Dentures shouldn’t hold you back from living your life, and any concerns you have can be eased by talking to friends, family and other young people with dentures.

At your appointments, you will be able to have your say on the colour and shape of your new dentures, so they look how you want them to. If you like, take an old picture with you for reference to help when it comes to choosing them – this way your dentist will be able to match your dentures to your natural teeth as closely as possible.

Dentures are made to fit comfortably over your gums, which will enable you to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Using a denture adhesive can also help the denture feel more secure in the mouth.

Finding support

There are many support networks for young people with dentures, which can help you feel more at ease when wearing them. You could speak to your dentist who can advise you on cleaning your dentures, and help make sure they fit correctly and comfortably.

Speaking with other young people in a similar situation may also help you feel at ease when wearing your dentures. There are many online forums available where you can chat to other people who are also experiencing getting used to dentures at a young age.

From going out with friends to getting closer to a loved one, getting false teeth should help you to feel more confident. If you want to, you may wish to share the fact you wear dentures with friends and family who can support you and help you to continue to live your life to the full.