Dating and dentures

Couple in the car together
Couple in the car together

Your dentures (also known as false teeth) shouldn’t hold you back in any aspect of your life. If you’re dating, your dentures can give you the confidence to eat the foods you love and laugh out loud in conversations, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the company. 

Here are a few typical thoughts that may cross your mind when dating with dentures, and some tips to boost your confidence:

Will dentures hold you back?

There’s no reason why your dentures should interfere with your dating life. They are made to look like natural teeth, as well as give support to your cheeks and lips, so you won’t have to worry about how you look. Dentures will also help you to eat and speak with confidence, so while on a date, all that’s left for you to concentrate on is being yourself.

A good denture care routine to keep your dentures clean and fresh should also boost your confidence, and help reduce any chance of either bad breath or staining. Perhaps consider trying special denture cleanser tablets for a deep clean such as Polident which removes 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria,* and helps reduce plaque and tough stains when used as directed.

*when used as directed

Will your dentures fall out?

While it’s only natural to question whether your dentures will fall out or move around in your mouth, you’ve really no need to worry, as they’re made uniquely to fit snugly in your mouth.

If you feel like your dentures could benefit from a firmer hold, you may want to consider using a denture adhesive like Polident, which offers strong, all-day hold (up to 12 hours), and can help stop irritating food particles from getting under your denture. Using a denture adhesive can give you added confidence, meaning that you won’t have to give a second thought if you are kissing with dentures.

Will they know you’re wearing dentures?

Unless you tell your date you’re wearing dentures, they are unlikely to notice. Deciding to share this with them is a completely personal choice and something you may not want to divulge straight away – and that’s perfectly fine.

Do you tell them before you get too close?

Whether to be honest and tell the person you’re dating that you wear dentures may feel like a difficult decision to make. If you do decide to tell the person you’re dating that you wear dentures, it can be extremely liberating and may encourage you to feel more confident.

The fact that you’re living with dentures doesn’t need to be a secret. Having dentures fitted will give you the confident to eat, laugh and kiss freely, allowing you to embrace the enjoyable experience dating should be.