What are complete dentures?



Complete dentures or full dentures are removable devices that act as artificial teeth and are made to replace a full set of missing teeth. Here’s how they work.

Two parts, one set
Full dentures come in two parts. Upper dentures tend to cover the roof of your mouth, while the lower denture is U-shaped to leave plenty of room for your tongue.

What they're made of
Denture teeth are made with dental porcelain, which is a really strong ceramic, or acrylic, which is a durable resin. They're fixed in place on an acrylic base, which is then moulded to fit the shape of your mouth and gums.

How they stay in your mouth
Both parts are carefully shaped to comfortably rest on your gums. The snug fit helps create suction between your gum and the base to keep the dentures in place.


Feel real, look natural
Modern dentures are made to look and feel as real as possible. The base is made from a carefully coloured acrylic which is polished to mimic the look of natural gums.

Add adhesive for extra hold
Although dentures are moulded to fit your mouth, denture adhesive can help to secure your dentures.

Stick to a good cleaning routine
Just like teeth, dentures work best when clean. If you've ever wondered how to clean dentures, it's simple. Try to stick to a good cleaning routine, use a denture cleaner and always remove them at night.