What type of denture adhesive is right for you?



Tasteless and temporary, denture adhesives or dental adhesives create a strong bond to keep your dentures firmly fitted to your gums and roof of your mouth. Here’s why it might be right for you.

Three reasons why people use denture adhesives

By holding dentures firmly in place, denture adhesives can help improve comfort.

When dentures are secure, they can boost your confidence to talk, eat and smile naturally.

A good denture adhesive can help seal out irritating particles.

Polident denture adhesive options

Polident Fresh Adhesive

This adhesive cream helps to both hold dentures for up to 12 hours and helps improve bite force, meaning ‘tougher’ foods can be chewed with ease. It also helps seal out food and cushion gums.

Polident Flavour Free Adhesive

This denture adhesive cream helps provide an all-day hold for up to 12 hours and is free of artificial colours and flavours. It also helps to seal out food particles, so you can be sure of a tighter, closer fit.

Fit trumps stick

Denture adhesives can help ease any worries you may have of them falling out. But they should never be used as a substitute for a well-fitting denture. Be sure to speak with your dentist if they're not fitting as comfortably as they were or if they've become loose.