Do dentures look natural?



Dentures should fit right, work well and look natural. Your dentist will be able to offer you advice and guidance when making these decisions, so that they give you the smile you desire.


Choose your colour 
Colour plays a big part in how your dentures appear. You’ll want your dentures to look like your natural teeth, so it may be worth taking in old pictures of you for consultations. Together with your dentist, you’ll pick the right colour and shade.

Get the right fit 
Just as important as the colour is the fit. Your dentist can ensure they fit correctly and offer advice on how to make wearing dentures more comfortable should you experience any discomfort.

Keep them clean 
Like teeth, dentures look and work their best when clean. Try to stick to a cleaning routine. Your dentist can advise you on the best cleaning methods and denture products.

Store them well 
Removing your dentures at night will give your gums a rest. Safely storing them when not in use will help keep them looking good.