Do dentures look natural?


Dentures should look natural and there is no reason why they can’t. There are various false teeth options and if you want them to look as natural as possible, there are some factors that should be considered such as their size, shape and shade. Your dentist will be able to offer you advice and guidance when making these decisions, so that they give you the smile you desire.

Getting the right fit

Some people adjust to dentures quickly, whilst others may notice slight discomfort when getting used to new dentures. This is perfectly normal and they can take a few weeks to get used to. Your dentist will be able to offer you advice to make wearing your dentures more comfortable and ensuring they fit correctly.

Choosing the right shade

The colour of your dentures can play a large part in how natural they look, and advice is on hand to help you choose those which are best suited to you. If you'd like your dentures to look as much like your natural teeth as possible, it may be best to take a picture with you to show the dentist what you are looking for, or perhaps take a friend for their opinion.

The base which your dentures are fitted on can be made to closely match the colour of your gums.

Maintaining your dentures

Caring for your dentures on a daily basis, like you would your natural teeth, will help to ensure they continue to look their best and you feel confident in showing off your smile. Your dentist can advise you on the best denture cleaning methods  and denture products. You may also want to ask about storing your dentures, so they can be kept safe when not in the mouth. By using a specially designed denture cleanser such as Polident , you can kill 99.9% of odour causing bacteria*, help remove stains from dentures, keeping them looking and feeling clean and fresh.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing your dentures, and by talking to your dentist you should be able to pick the perfect one for you. Feeling comfortable with how your dentures look can help you to feel confident to continue living your life loud.

* in laboratory tests