Advice on talking with dentures



Wearing dentures should never hold you back from your daily conversations. A new set may affect your speech at first, but there are two simple things you can do to get used to speaking with your new dentures and make yourself heard. 


1. Repetition, pronunciation, elongation 
You may find new dentures get in the way of pronouncing some words properly, but this is completely normal and can be improved with practice. Try repeating and elongating commonly used words and phrases with your dentures in. What you’re doing is retraining your mouth to find the right shape. The letters 'S' and 'F' tend to be the hardest, so try to focus on words containing these.

2. Get your voice heard 
Talking with family and friends is the best way to aid and improve your overall speech. Having somebody you trust hear you speak can be a massive help. With a little encouragement, they’ll identify which words you’re struggling with and may need to practise.

If you’ve tried these exercises and feel you are still struggling to speak with your new dentures, share your concerns with your dentist or dental professional. They can offer further advice, support and information on additional aids.