SUPER POLIGRIP® GIVES YOU STRONG, ALL-DAY HOLD SO YOU CAN LET LOOSE. Our range of denture adhesive products are designed to keep food from getting stuck underneath your dentures, letting you savor every bite. The zinc free formulas provide an effective all-day hold when used with well-fitting dentures. These products are safe and effective when used as directed.

Use daily to eat, speak and smile with confidence!

Which Adhesive Is Right For You?

  super poligrip® original super poligrip® free super poligrip® extra care super poligrip® ultra fresh
extra strength super poligrip® denture adhesive powder
super poligrip® comfort
seal® strips
Zinc-Free Formula * * * * * *
Seals out up to 74% more food particles* * * * * * *
Strong all-day hold * * * * * *
No artificial colors or flavors   * *     *
Helps prevent gum irritation     *      
Ultra Fresh Mint Flavor       *    
Convenient powder form         *  
Convenient pre-measured strips           *

*Compared with no adhesive