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Turning 50 Gave Me a Lot to Smile About

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Is 50 the new 30? I sure hope not. I’m not knocking 30 year olds, and I admit that I sometimes wish I could work out the way I did 20 years ago, but I think being 50 is pretty darn great.

Here’s Why 50 Is The Best

On my 50th birthday, a girlfriend took me out to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town. We got dressed up and drank Champagne. As we talked and laughed, it dawned on me that I wasn’t wasting one second worrying what the people around me thought.

At 50, I have a newfound confidence. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and who I am. Sure, I’m on the other side of that proverbial “hill,” but that doesn’t mean I’m old. And I don’t have to look old, either. I take care of myself, and that includes my teeth. OK, they aren’t really my teeth — they’re dentures — but I still take care of them! I use Polident 3-Minute Denture Cleanser, which kills 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria in just 3 minutes when used as directed1. That’s important, because I recently started dating again, and no one wants a date someone with bad breath!

I didn’t expect to be wearing dentures at such a young age, but I didn’t expect to be going on dates as a middle-aged woman either. Life is what you make of it. As a little girl, I remember my grandmother scrubbing her dentures, and they never did get that white. Luckily with Polident, I just clean as directed and by the time my makeup is done, I’m good to go.

50 And Proud

Truthfully, I don’t understand why people are so embarrassed to admit their age. Imagine if no one aged and we all walked around making the same youthful mistakes for eternity. No, I’m happy where I am. My kids are grown and I have a new sense of freedom. I’m old enough to have some wisdom and young enough to rock a red silk dress. (No one has to know that I’m wearing body-shaping underwear underneath.)

And no one needs to know about my dentures. When I smile — which is a lot these days — people just see a set of pearly whites. Let’s just keep it as our little secret. Want to know another secret? I’m really 53.

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1Soaking only in Lab Testing

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