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5 Tips and Tricks For Helping Grandkids With Homework

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The school year can be very exciting for your granchildren— reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen for a couple months, meeting a new teacher, breaking in their new sneakers during gym class, and showing off a new backpack and school supplies that get them excited to learn math, English, and more. But with school comes the responsibility of homework again, and that’s where you as grandparents can help! Not quite sure you remember exactly how to do long division or times tables, though? Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to help your grandkids with their homework without stressing yourself out.

Tips and Tricks to Help Your Grandkids With Their Homework

1. Create a specific homework area.

While it may be appealing to your grandkids to do their homework in front of the TV, having a designated area may help them focus better. Be sure the area has good lighting — whether it be from a lamp or natural sunlight — and is clean and free of anything that could distract them. Establishing this “homework area” will help condition them to associate the space with productivity.

2. Get it done earlier rather than later.

Yes, your grandchildren may want to come home and have a little downtime after school, but don’t put off the homework until too late. The later it gets, the more tired they might become and the less likely they will be to focus and do good work. Plus, you might become tired, too, and if they need your assistance, you want your brain to be sharp and at its best.

3. Give them space.

It’s good for your grandkids to know that you’re there to help, but sometimes if they know you’re watching, they may want to put on a show to try to put off doing homework, or they could even just feel the need to interact with you instead of with the subject matter at hand. Instead, give them a little space. Walk away so they can concentrate on the work at hand. You can even take a small break to do something for yourself, like clean your dentures with Polident 3-Minute Daily Cleanser, which kills 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria in just three minutes.

4. Offer assistance, but don’t do the work for them.

Your grandkids might have you wrapped around their finger — and that’s OK! — but don’t let them convince you to do their homework for them. Offer your support and guidance when needed, but be sure you’re just there to help explain how to do things and you don’t actually take on the assignment for them.

5. Positive feedback goes a long way.

Studies have shown that warm relationships between teachers and students can help improve performance, so when your grandkids turn to you as a teacher-like figure, be sure you’re providing positive and constructive feedback that leaves them feeling good about themselves. Building up your grandkids’ confidence will help their overall academic performance in the long run.

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