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Should You Tell Your Kids You Have Dentures?

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Making the choice to get dentures can be a big personal decision (even though they can improve your smile in the long run, they do require dental procedures that are not always cheap), but how necessary is it to keep your adult children in the loop about what is going on?

While you may initially want to keep your business as your business, there are actually a few good reasons to talk to your kids about your plans to get dentures, and to let them know that you have them if you haven't already. Making them a part of your “little secret” will actually provide you with more support in the long run!

Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Your Dentures

1. Your Kids Can Help You Make Important Decisions in the Beginning

Whether you’re just starting the consideration process or have recently made your first denture appointment, your kids can be especially supportive in helping you navigate any tricky choices you may have to make in the beginning stages.

Not only can they help you decide which prosthesis will work best for you, they can sit with you while you ask your dentist all the questions you have, and even chime in with issues you may not have thought about. As long as they’re not steamrolling the conversation (which is never helpful!), having your kids by your side can help you feel more confident in your choices.

2. Your Kids Can Help Provide Comfort and Support

Your children can also be a great source of comfort and support if they are cognizant of what is going on. Not only can they help you pick up supplies and soft food (since your mouth may be sore) right after your procedure, but if they know that you’ve recently undergone surgery, they will most likely be much more supportive if you’re dealing with any residual pain or a learning curve when it comes to eating or even talking with dentures.

There’s also the possibility that you will need to go to follow-up appointments, and the more they know about your initial procedure, the better help they’ll be if they accompany you.

3. Your Kids May Become More Proactive About Their Own Dental Health

Letting your children know that you have dentures can help them become more aware and proactive about their own oral health, and allow them to make any necessary adjustments to their dental routine. While genetics don’t necessarily dictate the health of our smiles, bad habits can sometimes run in the family. The more your kids know about the process of getting dentures, the more they can understand the potential consequences of not properly brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

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