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5 Hard Truths About Aging That Are Actually Blessings in Disguise

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Even though getting older is inevitable and sometimes gets a negative rap, aging can really be a beautiful thing. In fact, a few hard truths about aging may actually be blessings in disguise.

As we age, we have to pay more attention to our physical and mental well-being, which means we need to treat ourselves with the utmost care and attention. Below are five situations often associated with aging that can actually help us lead healthier, more fulfilled lives in our golden years.

1. Good Nutrition Is A Must

As we get older, a lot of things slow down, including our metabolism1. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we’re taking care of ourselves and eating well. Good nutrition and keeping a healthy diet allow us to have the energy to do the things that we enjoy.

“A dietitian may tell you to cut back on processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables, which will add plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber to your diet,” says Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD2. “These nutrients can help you have more energy and feel younger than you have in years.”

2. Dental Care Can’t Be Ignored

Cavities, gum disease, and other age-related oral complications can happen. Luckily, there are options that can help improve our oral health by allowing us to eat and speak more comfortably.

Dentures are one of those options, and caring for them couldn’t be easier: Polident’s 3-Minute Denture Cleanser helps keep dentures fresh and clean, by killing 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria3, and helping to remove stains and plaque4.

When our oral-care routine is simplified, a beautiful smile can be much easier to obtain.

3. We Can Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

Besides the incredible advantages of life experience and wisdom that come with age, there are also some financial benefits that we have the opportunity to utilize. Public transportation and many forms of entertainment, like movies and museums, offer senior discounts on tickets and admission.

We have the opportunity to take advantage of this, and still enjoy the things we like to do, but for less money. There’s no downside to that!

4. Things Start To Slow Down

While physical activity level and functional fitness can reduce with age5, slowing down can actually help us savor each precious moment and remain present.

“Slowing down is a great reason to pick up the hobby you’ve always wanted to try, like playing an instrument, learning to paint, reading more books, or spending more time with family,” Rizzo says.

Slowing down also allows us to embrace the fact that we no longer have to live by someone else’s time clock, and it can also help with gratitude for the little things.

5. We’re Comfortable In Our Own Skin

Even if we used to care about what others would say and think about certain things we did or the way we looked, with age and experience comes a feeling of confidence. The more years on this Earth, the better we feel in our own skin. And that’s a feeling that never goes out of style.

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