Everyday Denture Tips

Whether you are new to dentures or have been wearing them for some time, you may find more comfort and confidence by using a denture adhesive.

Super Poligrip® denture adhesive can help seal out irritating food particles and reduce denture movement while eating and speaking. Remember, even well-fitting dentures can feel more comfortable with a denture adhesive like Poligrip®.

And here's the most important tip of all: a little adhesive cream goes a long way! Start with just a few small dabs and increase as needed.

Being able to eat the foods you love and speak more normally is a big part of living well with dentures. The good news is that you can do it – once you get used to your dentures. A little patience and these tips will help you.

Speaking with dentures

If you experience difficulty speaking clearly when you first get dentures, you're not alone. In fact, it's common to have problems pronouncing words with "S" or "F" sounds. Try these tips and hints for improving your ability to speak with dentures:

  • Practice speaking aloud while wearing your new dentures.
  • Read aloud from a book or magazine in front of a mirror.
  • Try biting down and swallowing just before you begin to speak. This helps set your dentures in place.

And remember, these situations are only temporary. Using a denture adhesive like Super Poligrip® may help you feel more confident when speaking during those early weeks.

Eating with dentures

When you first get your dentures, eating is going to be a little different and probably even difficult – so make it easy on yourself.

  • Choose foods that are easier to chew and swallow – like eggs, fish, cheese, chopped meat, cooked vegetables and ice cream.
  • Take small bites, chew slowly and try not to bite down with your front teeth.
  • Avoid chewy or hard foods like caramel and chewing gum.

As the days go by, eating will become more comfortable. This is the perfect time to start adding more foods to your plate – including harder-to-eat fruits, vegetables and meat. And you might want to consider trying a denture adhesive cream like Super Poligrip® for even more comfort and confidence. It's clinically proven to help seal out the bits of food that you'll run across when eating nuts, berries, popcorn and other foods. Plus, Super Poligrip® Free is flavor - free and won't change the taste of your favorite food.